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Zubehör für Philips-Diktiersysteme / Netzteil für Pocket Memo 388/488/588.;
69.65 - 96.78
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Zubehör für Philips-Diktiersysteme / Spezialakku für die interne Ladung im Gerät / für Pocket Memo 388/488.; Inhalt: 2 ;
29.99 - 40.29
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The Shure VP83 is a camera microphone with a wide frequency range that's capable of making high-quality sound recordings. You will be able to mount it onto any camera or stand.

Mobility and flexibility are essential in today's fast-paced business world. The Philips Pocket Memo dictation machine gives you the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want. The priority index tone shows urgent document. Your urgent work can be done first. The alarm sounds for tape end and...
294.87 - 569.00
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The Philips desk transcription system is a solution for creating documents, which was specially designed for this purpose, the dictations can easily and intuitively. Its excellent ergonomics makes the management of their work to a child's play.This text is machine translated.
829.00 - 1,808.45
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4 GB digitales DiktiergerätIntegriertem USB-Anschluss, microSD Memory-Card-SlotSpeichererweiterung möglich dank SD-Steckplatz, Intelligent Noise Cut Funktion, Szenenauswahl ermöglicht optimales Aufnehmen, Die im Lieferumfang enthaltene AAA-Batterie hält bis zu 62 Stunden
50.59 - 108.14
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